hi! i'm Minerva, 21 years old.

i post anything i find interesting

most of it are image spam! hahah coz' art is really awesome!

what you will find here mostly are:

-one piece
-some anime-ish drawing stuff
-random things


"Friendship is useless if dont know the real meaning of it". -Monkey D' Luffy (One Piece)
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/
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So I got a couple of messages asking me how I usually paint/color.

1) I like to use the lasso tool and gradient tool to block out shapes like the hair and face shape.

2) Set my brush to low flow and block out the eye sockets and drop shadows.

3) Draw in the features.

4) Colour balance (ctrl+b) my grayscale layer. Red+yellow or red+blue depending on what type of skin colour.

5) Create a new layer on top and set it as ‘soft light’. I get most of my colours from this. Put more on the lips, ears, nose etc etc

6) Create a ‘multiply’ layer and go over with a light coat of color. Multiply tends to over darken things so take it easy. You can add a new normal layer over this and paint over with more details.

7) Add highlights!! Clean up!! I like to keep my stuff loose so I don’t really clean up much.

so yea, it goes something like this